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Set the Table with Love Whole Food Recipes From the Farm to your Table


What is this cookbook about? It’s about bringing local farm fresh produce into to our homes again. One of my fondest memories, is going every summer to Lagrange,Ga. to visit my two uncles, they both were farmers. We would sit on their porch and shell peas, eat fresh yellow watermelon straight from the vine and yes bath in a tub in front of a wood burning stove. Older I get more my soul yearns for days of old, but that is how food is, it takes us back to simpler times. In our society today, we are getting more conscious about where our food is coming from and rightfully so, it's time to get back to eating the way our grandparents did. This cookbook is filled with delicious, simple and easy whole food recipes that are nourishing and flavorful. You will find gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and raw options here to explore and enjoy with your family. No matter which is your favorite, remember to always Set the Table with Love.

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